Tip#7: How to Collect Size Chart Updates from Athletes & Staff

FR TRAC allows you to provide a public link to athletes and staff members, which can be used to add or update sizing in the system. Athletes or staff members can click the link, enter an access code, and provide either their ID/Barcode or email.

How to get notified of a size chart update and how to approve size chart updates >


Collect Size Chart Updates from Athlete and Staff


1. Ensure the correct size charts are set to collect sizes. (Set Collect Sizes to Yes)

2. Select the sport in the Sport dropdown menu and click Collect Size Chart Updates.

3. Input your access codes and get your links! Select a method to Identify Athletes By.

4. Click Save.

5. Provide athletes and staff members with the respective links and access codes to collect their sizes.


Note: This is what the athlete/staff member will see