Why Can't I Scan My Printed Barcodes?


Are you having trouble scanning printed barcodes from your Barcode Report and Barcode Labels Report? This article explains possible reasons as to why you might be having issues scanning your barcodes and steps to take to resolve these issues. 


Note: The auto-assign barcode function has been updated to generate 4 digit numerical barcodes starting at 1000 to simplify barcode printing.

1. After downloading the "Barcode Labels Report" from your inventory page, open the Word Document. Select all contents in the document and set the font size to 9.

To ensure legibility of the barcodes the font size must be larger than size 9. Setting the font size to 9 allows you to see a small description of the item that the barcode belongs to. Always print 1 page first and test scanning barcodes with your app before mass printing your inventory.

2.  Check the length of your barcodes. For longer barcodes, there is an increased risk of legibility issues. For manually entered barcodes, 8 digit barcodes are preferred.

3. The printer you are using could also have an effect on the quality of your printed barcodes. Check whether you are using a Laser or Inkjet printer as Laser printers print with higher precision.