What Scanning Solutions can I use with the FR TRAC App?


Scanners are an additional option which can be purchased to improve your efficiency when using the FR TRAC mobile app. The FR TRAC application is currently compatible with the Linea Pro series of scanners for iPod and iPhone and the Infinea Tab M scanner for iPad. Details on these devices can be found at: https://ipcmobile.com/devices.


Demo of Scanner


Linea Pro scanners for iPod/iPhone are designed to be used as scanners. This means that they are meant to be mobile and only connected to a power source when charging is needed. The iPod specifically has been known to have battery issues where the battery can expand if left charging persistently. For more information regarding best practices when using an iPod, please see iPod Best Practices 

Infinea Tab M scanners for iPad can be used as either a scanner or a kiosk. The FR TRAC app offers a kiosk mode that ensures the scanner is always on. Setting up the scanner with Kiosk mode allows for a point-of-sale (POS) solution. When set up as a Kiosk, it is acceptable to always charge the scanner/iPad as the batteries for iPad are not known to expand after long charge times. iPods and iPhones should only be charged as needed. 


  • Linea Pro scanners are not available beyond iPhone 8. 
  • RFID scanners are available in Linea Pro and Infinea Tab M models.