Updating your Profile

Upon Logging into your Student-Athlete Portal, you may adjust your biographical and geographical information. 

To do so click on Profile at the top of the page:


Clicking "Profile" will take you to another screen that has the following information to update and/or adjust: Biographical Information ( DOB, phone number etc.) Local Address (think on campus dorms, apartments off campus etc.) your Permanent Address (when you are not at school, where are you living) Contacts (Uncle Joe, Mom, Sister etc.)

Proceed below to learn more about what to update!

Biographical and Contact Information: 



Local and Permanent Address: 

With regards to this section, Local would correspond with your on/off campus living arrangement. Below, this student-athlete lives off-campus at 49 Highbury Lane Chicago ,IL 60612 and when they leave campus to go home they live at 27 Arsenal Way Dayton, OH 45377. 



For the Contacts section, you are able to add up to THREE people. these Three people could be anyone from Uncle Joe to Mom. 

Clicking Primary Contact will allow you to let your Compliance, Coaches and other Athletic folks know who is best to reach out to.


Important: Once you have adjusted this information, please click Submit Form at the bottom of the page to save the changes!


Notes(s): Some of this information may already be filled out for you!