Tip#4: How to Issue/Return Items without barcodes through the Web Kiosk


Issue/Return Items

Issuing Items without a Barcode

1. Select New Transaction or the Web Kiosk icon from the Dashboard.

2. Select the Sport from the sports dropdown, Issue, and the Athlete. Use Scan Barcode if you have a Bluetooth or USB scanner.

3. If you do not have a barcode, click on the Magnifying Glass and input the name of the item you want to issue.

4. After selecting the item and making your desired changes to the quantity and comments, click Issue or Issue & Receipt.

Returning Items without a Barcode

1. Select Return and follow the same steps as Issuing Items without a Barcode.


Select Current Issue List, select the items you want to return, and click Add to Checkout.

2. Make your desired changes to the quantity and comments, click Return or Return & Receipt.