Staff: Overview

Managing staff just got easier! An overview of the new features and functionality is outlined below.


Overview of the New Staff Module

A Fresh Look: Staff Main Page

The main page features have been preserved and given a new, clean look.


Row actions (i.e. deleting a staff member) can be performed by clicking the three dots to the far right and selecting an option.

Row Actions Main Page-1


Bulk actions (such as updating a staff member's taxation status) can be done by selecting the box next to a staff member's name, and clicking the corresponding action at the top left of the screen.Bulk Actions Main Page

New Features:

Adding New Staff

When a unique barcode is given to a staff member, a message will appear confirming that a new staff member is being created. 

Add Staff Barcode_New Staff


If a barcode is not unique, the rest of the fields will fill in with the staff member's previous data.

Add Staff Barcode _ Existing Staff


Creating login information for staff members is now even easier; this section has been moved from the profile area to the bottom of the New Staff page. To create a user account for a staff member, enter a username and grant them an access level. An account setup e-mail will automatically be sent to their e-mail address when the save button is clicked.

Login Information_Staff

Transaction History

All of a staff member's transactions can be viewed in their transaction history - now with pictures to make it easier to identify items. 



Filters in the leftmost panel can be used to search for a certain item, or items within a certain date range. This is especially useful if you are trying to run a report! 

Filter Transaction History_Staff

Web kiosk - search items-1

We have also included the ability to export reports for individual athletes. To do this, click the 'Export' button in the top right corner of the screen and select the report you'd like. 

Export Report_Staff-1


Issue Items

In a staff member's transaction history, issuing items can be done by clicking the 'Issue Items' button in the top right of the screen. 

Issue Items Button

This will lead to the web kiosk, where you can either scan a barcode or search for an item by its name. Once you have located your item, select the item, and click 'Issue' to issue it to the staff member.

Web kiosk - search items-1

Other transactions - Return, Receive, Remove, Audit, and Identify Item - can be performed in the Web Kiosk as well. 

Other transactions - web kiosk


Once you are finished working in the kiosk, click the 'X' button at the top right of the screen to return to the staff member's transaction history. Items that just underwent transactions will be visible in the staff's transaction history.

issued item from web kiosk


Lastly, to return an item in the staff member's transaction history, click the return button next to an item that has undergone an issue transaction. 

Return item


Fill in the data in the prompt, add a comment (optional) and click Save.

Return item prompt

If a mistake was made, the returned item can be deleted by using the row action (the three dots) and clicking delete.