The new streamlined reporting is a one-stop shop to quickly generate and export or send off the reports you need! A few highlights include:

  • Single reports page showing all available reports.
  • Favorite frequently used reports for quick access.
  • On-screen report generation with full-screen mode allows for easy preview.
  • Newly formatted Excel reports provide a more professional look.
  • Multiple Views (Summary, Detailed, Raw Data and Signature Sheets) of the same report allow you to quickly drill-down to the details or roll-up summaries.
  • Quickly send reports by email to save time. Get notified automatically when your report has been received.


Reports Beta


How to Favorite and Unfavorite a Report:

  1. Click the star icon on the report you wish to favorite.
  2. Click the star icon again to remove it from your favorites list.

How to Run a Report:

  1. Reports can be filtered using the options available on the left-hand side. The filters that can be applied vary on a per report basis.
  2. The filter view can be minimized by clicking the side arrow.

How to Access Fullscreen Mode:

  1. Click this icon to view the report in fullscreen mode.

How to Export a Report:

  1. Click the Export button to download the report.
  2. A header is included in the exported reports that have it which matches the header that is displayed on the screen.

How to Send a Report:

  1. Click the Send To... button
  2. Select the recipient(s) to send the report to. Anyone who has an active account in the system is included as an option in the recipients list
  3. The information in the subject line and textbox below get filled in automatically for you
  4. Once finished, click the Send button 
  5. A notification in the left-hand corner of the screen will get displayed once the report is sent
  6. The recipient(s) will receive an email that a report was sent to them. To download the report, click the Download Report button
  7. Once the recipient(s) downloads the report, the sender will receive an email notifying them that the recipient(s) has successfully downloaded the report