Orders: Creating and Updating Orders

This article is an overview of creating and updating orders in our new, next-generation software.


How to quickly create new orders and update existing ones!

Creating New Orders

To create a new order, select the blue new order button in the top right corner of your screen.

Once your new order is open, add your desired order reference number and order date. The order date will default to the current date if you don't fill it in.

For adding items to your order, there are two quick ways to do so, each with its own benefits:

Quick Add: If you want to add a limited number of items, the Quick Add search bar circled below on the page of your order allows you to quickly search by description or model number and add items to your order in no time.


Bulk Add: If you need to add a large number of items, or even all items in the sport to an order, you can do so using the bulk add feature by clicking the box outlined in the first photo below. Within the bulk add page, you can check any and all items which you would like to add to your order, or select the very top checkbox and select all items, then just hit the add to order button and they will be added.


Once you have added the items to your order, you can adjust the quantities for the items in the boxes circled below.

With the quantities in, you should now be ready to save your order. To save, and add your order to your order list, select the save button in the bottom right corner of your screen which is circled in the photo below. An important thing to note however, is that if you add enough items to your order that there is multiple pages, when you save, it will take you to the next page, and you must save each page to make sure everything is correct!

Adding to Existing Orders

When you open an existing order, you will automatically be taken to a page showing all items which have not been received yet in an order. From here, you can use either the quick add or bulk add to add items.

When you add one or more items to the order, you will be taken to the all items view, which shows all items in your order. At the top of this list, will be the item(s) you added, with a coloured bar underneath, indicating the item is new to the order, or was existing before. 

Once you have added the items you wish to add, click the blue button to save the order in the bottom right corner and you are done!