Order Approval: How to Approve Orders

Learn how to review and approve orders.


How to review and approve orders

When Is An Order Approval Required?

When an order needs your attention in FR TRAC, you will be notified via email. 

Reviewing Orders

To review a list of orders that require your attention, click "Orders" and then review all orders that have an order status of "Awaiting Approval (Department Name)". These orders need your approval. 

To review the details of an order, click on the Order ID. This will list all items on the order. Alternatively, you can click "Generate PO" to see the total cost, vendor details, and shipping information. This may be more helpful when approving orders.

Approving Orders

Click on the Order ID to access the Order Details. Use the "Reject" or "Approve" button to take the appropriate action.

After selecting Approve, you are required to select a recipient IF you are not the final approver in the approval workflow. You may also add any additional comments and select Approve.