Orders: Managing Orders

This article shows how to manage orders from the order list, and explains all of the functions and features that can make this process easier!


Here is a video showing how to manage orders!

Individual Row Actions

By clicking the three dots on the right side of a row, shown in the photo below, which will pop up if you hover over a row, you will be presented with the individual row action menu for the order.

You have the option to export the order if you need to have it for business or audit purposes, or to duplicate the order. The duplicate function is very useful if you frequently order the same item(s) and will create a new order with the current date and the same details, with the same name appended with a "- COPY" at the end. 

Bulk Actions with Orders

To perform actions with one or more orders, just select the boxes of the orders which you would like to affect (circled below) or select the top box to select all, and then you will be presented with a menu of options across the top bar of your screen.

If there is an order which you haven't received all items for, but won't receive the rest, you can select whatever orders fall under this category and select shrink to receive in the top bar of options. This will shrink your order to just the items which have been received, mark it as complete, and show by what percentage the order has been shrunk, as shown below.

You can also quickly receive all items for an order to quickly complete it, or archive orders you are no longer working with to keep your order list clean.