Mobile App - What's New?

Overview of new features in the mobile app and how they are accessed.


Mobile App Beta - What's New Video

General Updates

1. It is now quicker and easier than ever to change the sport which you are accessing in the app. Just tap the sport or the arrowhead at the top of the screen in the first photo below, and a list of all available sports for your organization will drop down (second photo).

2. The new menu in the top left corner allows you to quickly do a reset to refresh all data, change user, logout, or view recent transactions. 

3. The traditional sync button to sync all data in the app is still in tact.  However, the app automatically syncs every 24 hours upon login, so you don't have to!

New Features for Issues and Returns

There have been many tweaks and updates made to the issue and return functions to improve workflow and provide a quicker and easier process.

1. You now have the option to issue or return to all athletes in all sports, not just the ones in the sport which you have selected. When you select issue or return, and you select the athlete option, you will be presented with two tabs as seen below which you can search through and select athletes from.

2. There is a new quick and easy camera barcode scanner to better pinpoint scanning accuracy while using the camera. 

3. Searching items has been divided into the two tabs outlined below to align with the better way to manage serialized items in the web inventory module. This makes finding an item easier than before.

4. Once you have selected a few items to issue or return, you can now mass update comments for all of the items you are issuing/returning quickly and easily (top right corner of the first photo). You can select what type of comment you would like it to be and quickly issue your comment to all items (second photo below).

NOTE: This applies to all transaction types.

5. With the new mobile app, you'll notice the green success bar indicate transactions have been created successfully. All unnecessary alerts have been replaced with notifications that disappear without user interaction. This way your workflow isn't interrupted and you can get more done with less taps. 

6. You can now go into the information for a specific athlete and see their transaction history and size charts. You do so by clicking the "i" in the top right corner of the screen as outlined below which gives you the two options seen in the first photo below. This allows you to quickly change size charts on the fly in the app for an athlete, as seen in the second photo below.

New Features when Receiving Items:

1. When you select the receive button on the app, there is now a new instant receive option, which will automatically find the right order for you. If there are no orders with this specific item, it will show you, as shown in the second photo below.

2. The app will automatically deduct the items you receive from your order, just like the web kiosk, so you don't even have to think about it.

3. Add an item to an order on the fly, by selecting the item (like the one in the photo above), then tapping on the order name next to the "Ref #" title (first photo below), and then selecting an order to add it to (second photo below).