Manage Tasks

In the Student-Athlete Portal, Front Rush lets you know what tasks you must complete. These tasks may have been shared with you via email but logging in will list them out for your review!

Just below your name and birthday is the "My Task" window. This window will have have both forms and practice logs for you to complete and review.

My Tasks can be one of the following: practice logs that need your review, forms that have been sent to you from compliance, and/or forms that you have started from the "Submit a Form" window pane but have not finished.

Practice Logs: While you can review these logs at the top by clicking Practice Log, clicking on "Approve Practice Logs for [insert sport]" will take you directly to the page to then select the logs that need reviewed. 

Forms [insert form name]:  Some forms, may have a due date, others may not. If you see a due date, you will want to complete the form or else you will get notified via email that the form is late. If you started a form but did not have time to finish it, you can pick back up where you left off here!

By clicking the drop down marked " All Tasks" you can segment out between Forms and Practice Logs. This is super helpful, especially if you have a number of tasks to complete.