Manage Attachment Types

Manage Attachment Types

Whether it’s an Official Transcript or a Club Team Schedule, the attachments exist so that you can tie key documents to a recruit’s profile. Following these steps, you can create attachments for you and your staff.

1. Within the setting tab at the top right, click Recruit Settings.


2. Next, select Manage Attachment Types



3. From here, you can see the attachment types that have been added for your program.


Note: Headshot, Other, Photo, Transcript come standard with your account. These cannot be deleted


4. To add a new attachment, enter a name for the attachment above and hit add.







5. At any time, you may update the name of this attachment.

Note: Backspace the name and add a new and click Update to save it.


You can also delete the attachment you made by selecting the X.


6. If you add an attachment to a Recruit’s profile and they are then added to the roster, the attachments will carry over.