Low Inventory Email Notifications

Low inventory notifications gives you proactive email notifications every 24 hours so you know when inventory is running low and it’s time to re-order. It’s no longer necessary to login to stay informed!


How to enable low inventory email notifications and set alert quantities

Enable Low Inventory Email Notifications

Click the notifications bell icon on the web app menu and select Settings. Select the sports or storage areas you want to monitor and click Save. You're finished! Low inventory notifications will start appearing in your web app as transactions are created. Further, a daily email summary will be sent to the email address in your FR TRAC profile. 

Daily Email Sample

The following daily email summary is sent anytime new low inventory notifications are trigged.

Set Item Alert Quantities in Bulk

You must set alert quantities on a per item basis in order to trigger low inventory notifications. From the Inventory List, toggle to the Detail View to see the Alert Qty, check the items you want to update and select Update Alert Qty from the bulk actions list.