How to submit Mass Evaluations for PSA’s in Elite

Step #1 – In the top right-hand dropdown, click Recruiting Events



Step #2 – You will want to add a New Event



Step #3 – Add in the Event Information

Step #4 - Once you create the event, you'll want to click on Assigned Recruits

Step #5 - Add Recruit(s)

Step #6 - Use your Saved Searches or search for your designated PSA's using your View Recruit Search Options

Step #7 - Once you have your PSA's selected click More...

Step #8 - Select Add to Recruiting Event

Step #9 - Click Save & Return, You aren't done yet! We need to add the evaluation criteria.

Step #10 - Click Add Evaluation. Complete the information in the next pop-up and click Next.

Step #11 - Complete the Evaluation information. If you would like to leave notes on each individual PSA, please click Show Recruits. Once done, click Save.


Your mass evaluation is now complete!