Inventory: Managing Transactions

This article shows how to view, edit, filter, and delete transactions associated with an inventory item.


Managing Transactions

How to manage transactions

  1. Click the "Clipboard" icon next to an item to view its transaction history
    Img 1 - Transaction History
  2. To make an update to a transaction, click on the type
    Img 2 - Type
    The highlighted fields are editable:
    Img 4 - Edit Field
  3. To remove a transaction from the list, click the three dot menu and select "Delete"
    Img 3 - Delete Transaction
  4. The list can be filtered by using the filters in the leftmost panel of the page
    Img 5 - Filter
  5. Spreadsheets of the athlete and staff current issue reports can be created by clicking the "Export" button and selecting the appropriate option
    Img 6 - Export