Mobile App: Admin View & Dashboard

The new Admin View & Dashboard app upgrade unlocks the most powerful inventory operations app in the industry! Below are highlights of the new update!

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Admin View & Dashboard Mobile App Overview

What's New?

  • Serialized Item Summary for Issued and Not Issued Items
  • View Low Inventory Alerts & Non-Expendable Items that need to be returned
  • Review and approve Athlete & Staff Size Chart Updates
  • Scan a barcode for direct access to Item, Athlete, and Staff Profile
  • Quickly update On-Hand and Alert Quantities from Item Profile
  • Swipe an Open Order to Receive or Shrink
  • View Missing Items & Update Receive and Order Quantities
  • Add New Athletes and Staff
  • Full access to Athlete and Staff profile updates (Contact Info, Custom Fields, and Size Charts!)
  • Quick size exchanges for athletes and staff
  • Optimized for iOS 15