Custom Fields

Customize Recruit Fields

When you customize recruit fields, you’re creating specific fields you want to see within your recruit profiles.

1. Click on your Sport in the top right and select Recruit Settings

2. From here, select Custom Fields.

3. Here, you review all of the customized fields that have been created for your program. You can delete previously made customized fields by clicking the “X” and/or you can create a new field by selecting New Field.

4. When you click New Field you’re presented with a few options.

  1. Field Name: This what you want the Field to be called (100m time, Favorite Ice Cream Flavor, Throwing Arm etc..)
  2. Field Type refers to how you want the field to look. You may pick from the following types (IE: Selecting Date will allow you to pick a date from a calendar)


* If you select Dropdown, at the bottom of the page you will see Save and Add/Edit List Value. Here you can add the items that you would want to select from.

** Text Field will allow you to incorporate multiple characters that include but are not limited to: numbers, letters, exclamations..

  1. Sortable & Searchable Selecting these boxes will allow you to search for field and sort based off the content in the field.
  1. Required If selected and placed within a Recruit profile or questionnaire, the individual filling out the field must enter information before saving.
  1. On Questionnaire This will make the field available for your questionnaire.

5. Click Save!.