Configuring Auto Reply

First, you will create a new Email Template. To create the template, follow the steps here: Creating a New Email Message Template

Next, you will set up which email template gets sent out in your Questionnaire Auto Reply Emails. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Top Right Menu
  2. Click on Questionnaire
  3. Click on Questionnaire Settings
  4. You have two options to set up:

Ineligible - This email will go to prospects whose graduation year is ineligible for correspondence.

Eligible - This email goes to prospects who are eligible to receive correspondence

5. STATUS: You will first select the Status of the Auto-reply. Active means it is actively sending a reply to every submission. 

6. FROM: Determine which email address you want this auto-reply to be delivered

7. TEMPLATE: Select the template that you want to be used for each of the auto-reply options

8. SUBJECT: Determine the subject of your message.

9. Click the Save and Return button at the bottom to confirm your changes.