Changing your Academic View

Changing your Academic View

1. Click on the Recruit tab

2. Click into the profile of a Recruit by clicking their name.

3. Click Priority Views and select Academic

4. In addition to other fields, you can select the Class, Subclass, Grad Year for a Recruit by clicking on the dropdowns.

  1. Within Class you can select from 2-Year College, 4- Year College, High School, and Post-High School, Non-College
  2. Within Subclass you can select from 1st Year, Qualifier, Beyond 1st Year, 1st Year, Nonqualifer

      Note: If you select 2-Year College you must select a Subclass

Click Save/Update Academic

5. You can further customize this view by clicking Customize Academic Fields

6. Here, use the arrows to move fields to and from either column one or column two

Note: If you customize the view for one recruit, you customize the view for all recruits. This also only impacts your layout.  

7. Lastly, click Save!