Adding, Removing and Editing Transaction Types


Transaction comment types allow you to quickly document transaction comments using a standardized list so you can report on it later. For example, these can be used to categorize all your off-season transactions or giveaway transactions so that they can easily be found in the future. By default, FR TRAC already has broad transaction types in the system (Inventory, Issue, Receive, Remove, and Return) but this feature gives the user greater flexibility to track transactions however they like.

This article shows how to edit transaction types. 

NOTE: Transaction types or organization-specific and apply to all sports. 


Adding, Removing and Editing Transaction Types


1. Select Transaction Comment Types in Settings.

2. Click on the transaction type group you wish to add, remove or edit a sub-grouping. (Inventory Transaction Type, Issue Transaction Type, Receive Transaction Type, Remove Transaction Type, Return Transaction Type)

3. To add a new transaction type, enter its name in the List Value and click Add.

4. To remove a transaction type, click the X next to the transaction type name.

5. To edit an athlete classification, click on the pencil icon and change it to the desired name.