Adding and Removing Recruits to the Recruit Board

Video: Adding and Removing Recruits to the Recruit Board


Adding Recruits to the Recruit Board

To Add a Recruit to a Recruit Board from the Recruit Board Tab: 


1. Go to the Recruit Board Tab

2. Select the Board you wish to Add Recruit(s) to

3. Once you select your Board, click Add or Remove Recruits


4. This will Open a Side Panel on the left hand side of the screen. From here you can Search for specific Recruits as well as run your Saved Searches to add Recruits to the Board.


5. Once you have Searched for Recruit(s), they will appear below the Search Button. From here, Click and Hold on the Recruit you wish to add to the Board, and Drag & Drop into the Column and Position within the Column of your choice.


Note: If you would like to Add the Same Recruit to the Board Twice, Check the Box marked “Include Recruits Already on Board”. This will allow you to Add the Same recruit to the Same Board in Multiple Columns.